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A fun online fitness competition for kids 7-15 years

The Cub Games

The Cub Games is an annual 4-week International online competition that brings the world of fitness & fun to children aged 7- 15 years. Providing a platform for children to set goals, motivation and connect with athletes in many different countries! 

The workouts have been designed and tested by Certified CrossFit trainers and equipment required is minimal. The competition is based around fun and of course safety.

With 3 different age divisions, and perfect for ALL levels, The Cub Games caters to children working out from home and in a gym environment. 

The Cub Games athletes get to experience what it is like to compete amongst their peers and have an absolute ball in the process.

Next Competition Date: Commencing Feb 15th 2024

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The Divisions

*Each division will have a workout suitable for beginner to the more advanced *

Fox Cub

7 -9 years (as at March 2024)

Bear Cub

10-12 years (as at March 2024)

Lion Cub

13 -15 years (as at March 2024)

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A fun online fitness competition for kids 7-15 years.