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A fun online fitness competition for kids 7-15 years

The Cub Games

The highly anticipated Cub Games, the ultimate functional fitness competition for kids aged 7-15 years, is set to make a triumphant return in 2024! Get ready to witness an incredible showcase of strength, agility, and determination as young athletes from around the world compete in this action-packed, four-week online event.

The Cub Games is not your average competition. It is designed to motivate young athletes and allow them to work towards a goal. With a series of exhilarating workouts released each week, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their incredible abilities and prove their mettle in the world of functional fitness.

To ensure fair competition, we have provided three divisions based on age and skill level. This ensures that every child, whether they are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting their fitness journey, has a division that is perfectly suited for them. We believe in providing a supportive and inclusive environment where every child can shine and excel.

Now, here’s the exciting part! Mark your calendars because registration for the Cub Games will go on sale starting November 24th. And that’s not all – for the first 24 hours, we will be offering a special discounted rate exclusively for those who grab their spots early. This is an incredible opportunity to save while securing your child’s spot in this thrilling competition. Don’t miss out!

At the Cub Games, our mission goes beyond simply crowning winners. We aim to inspire and empower young individuals to embrace an active lifestyle, instilling in them the values of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Through friendly competition and a supportive community, we believe that every participant will grow stronger both physically and mentally. The skills and lessons learned during the Cub Games extend far beyond the event itself, creating a foundation for a lifetime of success.

Parents and Coaches, we invite you to encourage and nurture your child’s passion for fitness by signing them up for the Cub Games 2024. Let’s ignite their competitive spirit, fuel their love for movement, and celebrate their incredible achievements together. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we gear up to witness the rising stars of functional fitness take the stage.

Cub Games Divisions:

  • Fox: 7-9 years ( as of March 2024)
  • Bear: 10-12 years ( as of March 2024
  • Lion: 13 – 15 years ( as of March 2024)

All divisions will have the option of selecting ‘Scaled’ or ‘RX’ which is suitable for the beginner through to the Advanced Athlete

Registration Details:

  • Nov 24th. Early Bird Sale for 24 hours $39pp
  • Nov 26th onwards: $49pp

Competition Commences:

Feb 22nd to the 20th March ( 4 weeks)

Event Details:

1 x Workout is released each week. Cub Games Athletes have 6 days to complete the workout and lodge their score.

For more details please visit our FAQ & Rule Book Tab

Movement Standards:

To see what division would be most suitable please review our movement guidelines table. Any questions please feel free to email us at:

Come Join The Cub Games Movement, and Register your child today!

The Divisions

*Each division will have a workout suitable for beginner to the more advanced *

Fox Cub

7 -9 years (as at March 2024)

Bear Cub

10-12 years (as at March 2024)

Lion Cub

13 -15 years (as at March 2024)

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A fun online fitness competition for kids 7-15 years.

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